Build, Manage, and Grow Your Myopia & Dry Eye Practice

MYAH offers all the technologies required to support myopia management: optical biometry, corneal topography and pupillometry — it is a one-time investment. In addition, MYAH is an all-in-one device that offers an evolving platform which provides the tools to add or grow Dry Eye Management.

Key Features

Corneal Topography including keratoconus screening and pupillometry

Axial Length measurement by Optical Low Coherence Interferometry

Progression reports for analyzing treatment efficacy

Comprehensive suite of Dry Eye assessment tools

Patient-friendly with rapid capture

Compact, space-saving, easy to operate

BUILD your Myopia Management Service

MYAH provides the initial baseline to monitor risk, allowing you to start the conversation early with parents.


MYAH provides essential information to monitor eye
elongation and compare axial length measurements with
built-in growth curves.

GROW your Myopia Management Service

Offering axial length screening tests may complement your refraction tests.

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